Life is beautiful, in which you can always feel love and care from people around. However, life can sometimes be unfortunately shadowed by accidents or diseases when even the simpliest happiness is out of reach…

GRS deeply understands the feeling of every client and believe that everyone should have the chance to experience and enjoy the happiness of life again. Based on our mission “We Improve The Lives We Touch”, GRS provides professional supports for various medical units and medical care providers working at the frontline. Together with them, we shoulder the responsibilities of helping our clients regain freedom so that they can return home as early as possible and enjoy the happy moments with their family. We provide hopes and supports for those suffering from dysfunctions, helping them to establish new life goals.

Over three decades, GRS has developed from “the Speech and Hearing Network” providing speech-language pathology and audiology services to a diversified leading brand in the rehab sector. Though our brand keeps developing, what remains unchanged is our basic client-centered concept of actively offering rehabilitation program with care, love and passion. The “R” as our logo represents our consistency of rebuilding vitality, offering personal services and making successive progress. Our continuous improvement is to bring our clients having an excellent treatment experience and improve the lives of the client and his/her family with evident-based solutions and creative approaches.

With the strong service system, GRS actively connects the clients and their family with medical care providers and business partners. We build a comprehensive and professional rehab network focusing on different rehabilitation needs and provide personalized treatment plan which includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, mental therapy, healthcare, etc. We help our clients to systematically improve their independent living abilities so as to re-achieve vitality in life.

GRS – improve your life with professions, love and care.

GRS健瑞仕力量泉 创建中国康复新典范